• jaimeeserena1

2020 Wrap Up

So... 2020 happened, and it really was an insane year filled with challenges and obstacles. But honestly, looking back it also had some great moments for me like shows, scholarships to New York and more. However, before I get to those, I would like to extend my respect and sympathy to those who weren't so lucky. Those who faced, and are still facing, the tragedies of this year and of course those who have given up so much to help people in need. I applaud you all.

Firstly, I was offered a scholarship to a Drama school in New York City. This is totally mind-blowing for me, like anyone in this industry I have my moments of doubt thinking "do I actually have any talent or at least potential!?" but my acceptance to this school was such a proud achievement for myself. Plus, I have always loved New York. I've been 3 times and the idea of moving there for 2 years to study film and television acting was is so exciting! Unfortunately moving to the US right now might not be an option, I mean the world is still facing a lot of hardships. But that said, the fire under my ass (excuse the language) is burning bright after this exciting opportunity and has pushed me to make even more excited goals and decisions for 2021.

Next, 2020 was the year that I dove back into my first love. Dance. I've never actually stopped dancing since I started, a full 22 years ago (damn, that's a mind blowing thought). But after I graduated from my full-time dance studies back in 2015 life definitely shifted. There were a few reasons why my hours of dance per week began to shrink but luckily my work was teaching dance, so it's not all bad. This year however, I was so excited to get into HighKix which is a cabaret group my boss, an ex Moulin Rouge dancer herself, started. Unfortunately, due to the state of the world our ability to do gigs was limited but luckily we could still do our end of year soiree. WHICH WAS FIRE! We had our new, amazing venue and a hell of a crowed to go with it. Our choreographers and team made such an awesome show and us dancers had such an amazing experience. I haven't felt the high of a stage performance in years! Living out my showgirl dreams as I walked on stage as the Ringmaster and hearing the cheers intertwined with "This Is Me" from "The Greatest Showman" was a top moment of 2020.

Lastly, I have started building my professional presence online. This might not seem so exciting considering we live in such a digital age but when it comes to an online presence I can be like and 85 year old grandma. I have no idea what I'm doing! So creating professional profiles and websites for my acting, dancing, modelling and photography was a massive goal of mine. Even this website, I put so much work into creating it. So. Much, Work. Lets hope it pays off and helps me keep up the momentum and navigate this insane industry.

That's my 2020 wrap up. Well the positive at least. Again, this was an insane year filled with good and sadly a lot of bad. But, I'm proud that I have come out the other side having grown (and maybe having watched waaayyy more Netflix then normal). Once more I want to thank those who have done so much to help others in 2020. From those who helped with the Australian fires at the start of the year through to those on the front line for COVID19, you are the definition of heroes and have had an impact on the world that will never be forgotten. 2021 lets go.